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Android Changelog

2015-03-14 :: v1.4.2

- Material Design (Android 5)
- Text size on PopupAlert automatically calculated
- New Setting: Show POI Description
- New Setting: Show POI Category
- Bug fixes: Stability improvements

2014-08-27 :: v1.4.1

- Panic Button
- New POI Category: Safety
- Intent to quit piPOIAlert (e.g. for Tasker)
- Intent to panic-quit piPOIAlert (quit and empty database)
- Bug fix: MiniView - layout orientation change after screen orientation change if needed
- Bug fix: Stability improvements

2014-06-22 :: v1.4.0

- New View: MiniView (floating)
- New Setting: MiniView Position (Drag & Drop) and Size (Pinch-Zoom)
- New Setting: MiniView Background color
- New Setting: PopupAlert Position (Drag & Drop) and Size (Pinch-Zoom)
- New Setting: PopupAlert Background color
- Bug fix: Windows beneath PopupAlert will be updated in the background

2014-05-17 :: v1.3.7

- Style / Theme: Light and Dark
- Variable POI-Icon has the character "V"
- POI-Icons with unknown speedlimits have the character "?"
- Bug fix for Android < 3.0: Automatic restart of closed services

2014-05-06 :: v1.3.6-r1

- GPX files in a zip file are recognized and imported as well
- Bug fix: UTF16 files are detected and handled correctly again

2014-05-04 :: v1.3.6

- New file format: GPX files
- New POI Categories: Geocaching (traditional, multi, virtual, letterbox, earth, event, lab)
- Bug fix: TomTom ov2 POIs with long descriptions are handles correctly

2014-05-02 :: v1.3.5

- New file format: TomTom ov2 in a zip file are directly supported
- POI Import: Various improvements on POI-Category detection
- POI Import: Improved file encoding detection --> correct special characters like umlauts
- New POI-Category: Bump

2014-04-22 :: v1.3.4-r1

- New mode entry: Added Background Mode to menu
- New language: Portuguese
- Bug fix: Exception handling for API < 11 (Android < 3.0) fixed
- Bug fix: ListView crash if no POI in range fixed

2014-04-04 :: v1.3.4

- FileDialog: file names over 2 lines are readable, added ActionBar "back"-Button
- New POI Partner: MapaRadar agreed to give piPOIAlert direct access to their database (Brazilian users can directly import POIs from MapaRadar)
- New POI category: Toll

2014-03-20 :: v1.3.3

- Download and Import POI-files directly from the internet

2014-03-05 :: v1.3.2-r1/-r2

- Improved POI Importer: File encoding is automatically detected

2014-03-03 :: v1.3.2

- Compass/Map Mode: Highlight upcoming POI
- Current position in Map mode is bottom centered
- New View: POI statistic (Fix, Mobile, ...)

2014-02-17 :: v1.3.1

- Style improvements (ActionBar, Holo Theme)
- New preference: SoundAlert Duration
- New preference: Warning based on current speed threshold (+x km/h)
- SoundAlert: ogg (Vorbis) file format added

2013-10-28 :: v1.3

- MapView (Google Maps)
- Minor bugs fixed

2013-10-20 :: v1.2

- Compass View performance improvements
- N is aligned properly in compass view
- POI Description font size is dynamic (decrease font if description does not fit on screen)
- New Preference: Dynamic Alert Distance - Fix Distance vs Based on Time incl. AlertRadius Minimum
- New Preference: Alert based on current speed
- New Preference: Show Current Speed

2013-10-05 :: v1.1-r1

- Directly import Google Earth POIs (KML-file)
- Little performance improvements
- New menu entry: "Empty POI-Database"
- New menu entry: "Exit (Services and App)" to stop and exit piPOIAlert entirely
- Bug fix: sometimes screen stayed on after an alert

2013-10-03 :: v1.1

- "Exit (Services and App)" stops and exits piPOIAlert entirely
- Directly import Garmin POIs (1 zip-file containing several Garmin csv-files)
- Android 4.3 compatible

2013-09-08 :: v1.00-r2

- POI file browser allows to select txt and csv files now
- Small Bug fixes

2013-04-14 :: v1.00-r1

- Small Bug fixes

2012-10-15 :: v1.00

Bug fix: CompassActivity does not crash anymore when ServicePOIEngine is stopped by Android and will get restarted

2012-10-06 :: v1.00-RCx

Global GPS Icon improved
Bug fix: Crash on Android v2.x devices fixed

Symbian Changelog

2013-08-20 :: v1.06-r2

New Language: Russian
New settings item: Alert Due Time or Alert Distance

2012-03-30 :: v1.06-r1

Bug fix: Add POI dialog for negativ coordinates fixed
Bug fix: MiniView position is stored correctly again
New settings item (style): Font size (Font size of POI description shrinks automatically till it fits)

2011-10-28 :: v1.06

New settings item (style): Popup-Alert Configuration (position and size, drag & drop, different settings for portrait / landscape mode)
New settings item (style): MiniView Configuration (position and size, drag & drop, different settings for portrait / landscape mode)
New settings item (main): Alert radius minimum
New settings item (style): Icon size in compass (0=red dot, 1=small ... 3=normal ... 5=big)
New settings item (style): Standard mode - view on startup (standard / mini)
New settings item (features): Show current speed
New settings item (features): Nokia/Ovi Maps autostart with piPOIAlert
Load multiple POI files (all files with ".txt" extension but "_Demo.txt" will be loaded)
Individual alert files (eg. POI type: fix=fix.wav, distance=distance.wav; to disable alarm for a specific category just provide "empty" wav-file)
Add keywords: LPG, CNG, Gas, Fix
Settings file is now "readable" --> manual editing possible, settings will be kept for upcoming releases
MainView: font size automatically calculated to fit text better
Remove "background" from MiniView menu when "keep in foreground" is activated
Bug fix: Doesn't crash anymore when trying to read a POI file which is not in UTF16

2011-04-21 :: v1.05

POI marker in compass / overview bigger
New settings item: POI icons instead of red dots in compass / overview
New settings item: MiniView position
Warning note if <5 POIs in database
New POI category petrol station; keywords: petrol, tankstelle
New PopUp alert icon: petrol station
POI description alignment: if description doesn't fit, align left (first letters don't get cropped)
Removed current speed from portrait-mode to make more space for POI description
Shortkey to add POI in MainView; touchscreen: touch the compass, non-touchscreen: press arrow up
Automatic reload of POI file after new POI got added
Improved programme icon
Bug fix: S60 3rd + S60 3rd FP1 are supported again
Amplified warning angle (10-180)
Improved global status icon (icon, bigger font)
New settings item: small - normal - big global status icon

2011-01-18 :: v1.04

No compass rotation if speed < 3 kmh / mph
Improved Popup-Alert: Picture added, smaller (Alert Type: Fix, Laser, Variable, Mobile, Distance, RedLight)
Alert Due Time moved to features settings menu (above 2nd Alert Due Time)
Bug fix: Symbian^3 fonts
Bug fix: Crash at startup if longitude / latitude isn't a floating-point number
New UID (sis file is signed, previous versions should be deinstalled)

2010-11-06 :: v1.03-r4

New settings item :: Unit (Speed) km/h or mph (conversion from meter to yard is also done)

2010-11-03 :: v1.03-r3

Bug fix: improved GPS engine (no GPS signal loss after some time anymore, S60 3rd)
Improved window behaviour when switching to taskmanager (hold menu)

2010-10-27 :: v1.03-r2

Bug fix: piPOIAlert did force foreground / focus
Symbian^3 support added

2010-10-22 :: v1.03-r1

Bug fix: menu was not visible after start (only in S603rd)

2010-10-14 :: v1.03

Settings split into categories (main, features, style)
Bigger font
Keylock gets reactivated after alert
Main menu shrink, “about” is now available under “settings” (no scrolling in landscape mode)
New feature :: Day/Night mode
New feature :: Global GPS status symbol added, circle (green: more than 4 satellites are used for positioning, yellow: 3 or 4 satellites used for positioning, red: 0, 1 or 2 satellites used for positioning)
Bug fix :: CPU usage used to raise during use
New settings item :: GPS sampling rate [ms] (time between GPS requests)
New settings item :: Standard Mode (Day / Night)
New settings item :: Main window semi-transparent (so you can see navigation in background while piPOIAlert pops up)
New settings item :: Mini window semi-transparent
New settings item :: Keep mini view always in foreground / (also use focus change for mini view)

2010-09-12 :: v1.02

At this point again, special thanks to my most active beta tester Eddie. I also want to thank navimaster for his help.

Performace & stability improvements
POI-file reader improvements (better error handling)
New AlertNote (doesn′t cover other important information anymore, can be shown without bringing piPOIAlert to foreground)
Main screen drawer improvements (alert area is not passing view area anymore)
“Hide” replaces “Exit” on main menupanel
Improved programme icon
Color adjustments (background, text)
Bug fix: Focus change turns on backlight (bug: didn′t work on some devices when alert note was disabled)
Bug fix: Missing german language variables added
New feature :: Mini view (shows all information in a mini view while running eg a navigation software)
New feature :: Control alert volume with volume hotkey
New settings item :: Sound alert volume
New settings item :: Foreground time of note alert
New settings item :: Disable screensaver (keep backlight on)
New settings item :: Alert based on speed (alert only if current speed > speedlimit)
New settings item :: Thread priority (if running with other applications at the same time and CPU is getting at its′ limit)

2010-08-23 :: v1.01

New settings item :: Alert distance depends on the current speed now. Therefore “alert due time” replaces “alert distance” and defines how many seconds before you reach the poi the alarm fires up.
Bug fix :: If locale settings define a comma as decimal separator the programm won′t work --> fixed (decimal seperator is set to a dot while piPOIAlert is running)
Bug fix :: One break condition for search poi in area was wrong (mixed up longitude and latitude)
New feature :: Increased accessable heap memory (max 3mb) --> more pois proccessible
New feature :: Second optional alert
New feature :: Add current position to poi file
Additional language :: German

2010-08-17 :: v1.00-r1

S60 3rd Edition FP2 support added

2010-08-17 :: v1.0.0

First stable realease
Nearest POI is calculated in driving direction now
Landscape view improvements
Bug fix :: poi and sound file are spotted on c and e device
Bug fix :: if there is no poi in the view area, all the details to the closest poi are empty now

2010-08-15 :: v1.0.0beta

Initial release - No changelog